The ordinary, unassuming baking stone has made resurgence in the modern day kitchen, but what many people do not know is that this exquisite piece of cooking utensil has been in use for centuries!  Almost as early as 8000 years before the appearance of Jesus Christ!   The archaeologists have discovered that the Stone Age man had used stones to grind starches to a fine powder.  Later he used the stone to cook food on a fire pit. This was the forerunner to the modern day’s ovens.

baking stone Although it was common to use baking stones for cooking perfect pizzas, these were initially used to prepare flat bread which was a staple food.  Flatbreads became the precursor to the present-day pizza.  Gradually improvements were made in pizza making.  The doughy base was covered with delicious toppings such as fish, tomatoes, cheese and minced herbs like basil to add to the taste of the delicacy.

Baking stones of the recent times are of shape rectangular or round, although their fittingly cushy patterns and designs are developments of the more recent times.  It is entirely understandable that the primitive man would have tried using only erratic and uneven shaped stones befitting the fire pit.

Many reasons could be given why it is best to use the baking stone for pizza-baking.  The fundamental cause, which was primitively comprehended by the Stone Age man, was that it prevents food from being burnt, since the stone absorbs a part of the heat, the bottom and the edges of a pizza or flat bread do not get excessive direct heat in the process of cooking.

 One other remarkable benefit of a baking stone is its capacity to absorb any surplus moisture in the cooking process thereby making way for a crisper base.   The reason is that it is made from natural stone which has absorbent properties.   The moisture can get acquired beneath a pizza or flatbread and make it damp and soggy and prevent the pizza from getting evenly cooked.   The baking stone takes care of this dilemma and also ensures that your pizza does not get burnt.

baking stoneAlthough baking stones are used for cooking pizzas and flatbreads, in fact, they can be handled to cook almost anything, more so for foods that have to be crisped. To keep your baking stone in excellent condition and to avoid the stone becoming fragile or cracked, you must oil it on a regular basis, and you must use an ace-quality non-stick spray every time you use it.  You must let it cool down before cleaning and never immerse a hot stone into the water soon after use since the sudden change in the temperature can make it liable to break.

You must put your baking stone always on the bottom most rack in the oven and let it warm up while preheating your oven.

Baking stones come in a variety of colors for you to choose.

Now, it is for you to do your stylish pizza!