If you have bought a Damascus steel folding knife then do you want to know that what kind of edge it possess, here we are going to give you the complete details on different types and kinds of knife edges. Yes, there are different and varied types of blade edges. If you are into the buying of commercial cutlery then know-how about these knife edges and knife blades is a must for you.

Straight Knife Edge

This knife edge is also called with the name of flat ground. It is a straight edge and it is one of the most common knife edges. This edge is usually made by grinding knife blade, this process is carried out in a straight line and eventually a razor-sharp kind of edge gets to form.

Granton Knife Edge

Then we have this Granton knife edge. Note that these Granton edge knives, they are being featured and consist of hollowed out kind of sections and this section usually and mainly run along both of the sides of your knife blade. This knife edge is made so that you can cut the meat into proper slices. If you want to cut and slice into very thin portions and sections of ham or poultry or be it roast then these knives edges are commonly used.

Other Types of Knife Edges

  • We have serrated edge knives as well. You can call them as wavy edge or they are also called with the name of the scalloped edge. These serrated edge knives, they feature and comes with teeth and that too along with the knife blade edge. Those knives that have such kind of edges, they can easily and smoothly penetrate right through the tough and harder outer skin. If you want to penetrate any of the products that have harder kind of crust then use knives that have such edges. To cut down bread, to cut and slice fruits, do make use of serrated edge knives.
  • On the last, we have hollow ground edges. They are being created and made by passing them out through the process of grinding. These edges have concave sides and they have extremely and much thin sort of cutting edges. These knives edges are so much thin that they can easily get too brittle and become dull. If you want to do some heavy and toughest cutting tasks then avoid making use of these hollow ground edges because these knives edges are not at all preferable to these heavy and tough cutting tasks. On the other hand, if anyone of you wants to do fine cutting tasks like that of skinning and preparing sushi, if you want to do peeling, slicing fruits then these hollow ground edges knives are ideal and the best for you.

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