When students belonging to the area where English is not spoken as a native language wish to apply in foreign universities, especially the universities where English is used as the main language of instruction, the university often demands that the students should appear for an English language proficiency test. One of such English language proficiency tests is the Pearson test of English.


The Pearson test of English is a completely automated test that is not conducted by a physical examiner. Rather the test is taken online and the test taker has to take the test through a computer. It is very commonly taken a test and even the PTE English Academic Test Structure is fairly simpler. All the information regarding the test along with the full-length practice and mock tests can easily be found online. A time of three hours is set aside for the test. It is important that the test taker realizes that he has to complete the test in the designated time period. Neither he will be given any extra time nor told to finish the test before the time is finished.


The PTE English Academic Test Structure is organized in such a way that the test is divided into three modules or sections. Each module has its own time period within which that respective section has to be completed. Each module of the test has its own purpose and is utilized to test a specific area regarding the proficiency of the speaker in the English language.


As mentioned earlier the PTE English Academic Test Structure consists of three sections namely:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

Each module has its own purpose. The purpose of the speaking module is to check the fluency and proficiency of the test taker in the area of pronunciation. The Writing module is aimed to check how well the test taker is able to express his ideas and viewpoints on different topics. The test taker does not need to worry about the topics he will be given. The topics are very general and standardized. The purpose of the reading section is to check the comprehensive skills of the test taker. The last module of the test comprises of the listening module which is focused on the listening and vocabulary skills of the test taker.


The examination center has already dedicated a specific time period for each section. The time that the test taker is allowed for the speaking and writing module is 77-93 minutes. The time slot that is designated for the reading section of the test somewhere between 32-41 minutes. The last section of the test which is the listening module is allowed to be taken within the time slot ranging from 45-57 minutes. The test taker has to be careful about the time. Another thing that is very important is to be aware of the fact that the test taker cannot skip through a section and move on to the next one before completing a section that has been started already.